TROMOL FOR MOTOR MATIC DRAGBrake discs have the power to release heat better than Tromol brakes. Because the disc brakes are open. Flanked by the master disc brake disc. Piston at the master in charge of moving the brake lining to brake. In disc brakes, when we pull the brake lever (on the front brakes) or brake pedal foot (on the rear brakes), hydraulic pump brake fluid work flow to push the brake piston to move the brake lining. This is why the braking system uses hydraulic disc brake disc is called. Excess brake disc brake that is more grip than Tromol. Position brake must be fitted so as not to drag. The downside, sometimes when mounted on the rear wheels, the wheels often experience slippage. But this phenomenon does not seem to occur in Honda Supra X 125 and Shogun SP. Because they use the factory default Nissin brakes. What makes the slippage or sliding, when we adopt R120 Satria braking system.