Electrical parts such as the Suzuki Shogun 125 petrol indicator, speedometer, horn, brake lights Sein and using power from the battery. Except for the headlights and rear lights can be a special flow of bobbin lamps. When the ignition is on, the panels are the source directly from the battery can be operated.

Examples klaxon or Sein, so direct contact can be enabled ON without having to wait for the machine is turned on. Similarly, the indicators of gasoline, so direct contact ON the needle move (if the gasoline in the tank is not empty). While the speedometer needle will move fully to the right just after the ignition key ON, then turn again to the left (sign inflows).

And as a safety, if there is shorting the electrical parts were then placed on a positive path fuse (fuse). When the fuse is disconnected, then all the electrical parts had to be not working. This is exactly what you are doing.

But the problem, so the fuse / fuse mounted speedometer needle back even motions continue. According to my analysis, is caused by currents that connect end. Please check cable connections at the end of the house fuse. Lest one wants to loose.