GAMBAR PISTONPROX pistons are precision machines in the country, the latest art CNC equipment. Same low-expansion, low-alloy piston friction is used as is used for all major Japanese engine manufacturers. PROX Piston Kits are a first-class solution to replace your original piston motor, Scooter, moped, ATV, Personal boat, etc. PROX Piston Kits for cylinder sleeves are available in standard sizes and various oversizes. Availability oversizes up to 2mm significantly help increase the lifespan of a cylinder by offering the possibility of more boring again. PROX pistons for plated cylinders come in standard sizes, as well as A, B, C, D + oversizes. Take advantage of additional oversizes to extend the life of coated cylinders. All PROX Piston Kits are supplied complete with Piston Rings, Wrist Pin and Circlips, ready for use.