YAMAHA TIARA S 120 CUSTOM MODIFICATION in Here it is the younger brother Yamaha 125z gw nyang post kemarin.tiara 120, familiar in Thailand and other names of this species is 120 and YAMAHA YAMAHA JR-speed MX 120, not like the 125z with genuine underbone design, this tiara is presented in the form of a rooster, with men long style motorcycle shockbeker, peredaranya areas include, thailand, singapore, malaysia, Indonesia and Greece

Not like the 125z, the motor is entered Indonesia through YMKI as ATPM yamaha About a taun .. mmm .. 99 with the current price was 24 jt, CMIIW
Not without cause YMKI bring this bike completely from malaysia,

This tiara true mission was to destroy the dominance of SUZUKI RG-SPORT in arena roadrace nazional, precisely in tune up seeded underbone class 2 stroke 115 cc, all of the time know that rg sport that competed in impromptu circuit is rg sport so-so, Äôan than suzuki 120cc bike locally, hello again if not a warrior 120, strangled by a cylinder capacity of 110cc.
suzuki step is what underlies yamaha sells tiaras to the general market .. with the hope yamahapun get strangled tiara so 110cc, but then mentah2 yamaha step in starting IMI because, yamaha does not have a bike in 110cc segment is a kind of like tiaras, like knight and rg sport, however, when the segment handed yamaha f1zr sebage supporting tiara IMI refused lg bore down because the base engine and the frame was really Beza, so tiara so, in dealer2 yamaha, allways ready stock . or in other words discontinu ngabisin stock, stocknya also quite a lot .. because at the yamaha dealer kotakecil macem aja kediri there almost 5 more units.

Very, very in sayangken bro .. remember this bike is in cation embel2 RACING SPIRIT by performen engine manufacturer must also have semi-double-disc racing, although masi brake.engine upright water cooled engine is able to bulldoze abis bersirip2 120cc.mungkin knight tion if there is nothing new in the present, it is not impossible if fu too terlibas
Bore x stroke-
54.0 x 52.0 .= 119.0 cc
17ps @ 7500rpm
115kpm @ 7000rpm
Mikuni VM22 S.S
6 SPEED, 1, N, 2,3,4,5,6
-Clutch system
Wet, manual clutch
- Start system
Kick start
-Fuel capacity
6.5 liter