Twin Spark DTS-i engines use two spark plugs (Twin Spark) in the cylinder head or next to the combustion chamber. The two spark plugs produce a flame which happened simultaneously, so that the combustion air and fuel mixture becomes more rapid and perfect. Digital CDI DTS-i has a combustion system which is operated digitally. 8-bit microprocessor was programmed to regulate the combustion is accelerated or slowed, the entire amount of engine rpm (rpm range). Stable and precision in determining the combustion time in the two spark plugs. TRICS III (the Throttle Responsive Ignition Control System) TRICS is a function of the first and second trigger ignition for combustion of a mixture of air and gasoline at different throttle positions in order to obtain optimum power and performance. Oil Cooler Maintain lubrication and oil viscosity is very extreme and conditioned air temperature is high, also keeping the internal cooling of the engine. Split Seat Using a separate saddle design for a sporty appearance and driving comfort. Sporty mufflers Views Pulsar DTS-i 200 with a sporty mufflers made from steel Stanless add more sporty appearance. Tubeless Tyre Using the type of broad types of tubeless tires for front and rear tires. Tank flaps Design tank flaps and protective anti-scratch in the tank to give the impression muscular body and aerodynamics.