MODIFIKASI YAMAHA RX-ZYamaha RX-Z competing with Honda NSR and Suzuki RG-R and jawaranya NSR road race in the arena, "explained Deny that follows the history of TZM.

"But That's when playing at the Sentul circuit with a typical high speed, because NSR has been equipped with the RC-Valve or the extra ports to maximize power in gasingan top," said Bambang "Kancil" Sumadji from Audi Motosport Balongsari Tama area, Surabaya.

"While market dominated senggolnya RX-Z and RG-R," he continued. By the end of 1994, a sports competition hotter. "Because, in the year it also launched a variant anyarnya ie Yamaha TZM-150. Suddenly, in that year became the king of sports TZM, senggol market tracks and high speed fixed TZM warlords, "Kancil said the time greeting the coincidence probe TZM riders racing drivers Jingwan '94 era.

Up to 150 cc sports classes eventually tune up was closed at year end 1996, owing to strong enough to control political organizer manufacturers, "said Daniel Tangka which at that time also fell in Sentul together Dwi Cahyono, Selly Momo, Dian Kampret, Momo Harmono, George, Jingwan and Asep Hendro spur TZM.

Necessarily so since the year '95, TZM enthusiasts racing. For a real alternative to buying a sports bike is not much choice, after the NSR and the Ninja. By the look TZM has a rich and luxurious features. Front disc rear, delta box frame, full fairing, moge model tank cap, Enkei rims.

"Medium sector equipped engine radiator and supported Yamaha Power Valve System, a technology assistant flue hole with an electric mechanical principle is similar to RC-owned Valve NSR," Kancil explained. Then what is necessary, replacement at 16 years old tread?. Just follow their narrative!. | Pid

Clutch lining
Equivalent to those used Yamaha YZ-125, this is one that causes attraction of TZM responsive. Sipnya again, the number of brake clutch that is used seven layers. Thus the occurrence of slip lining so minimal. But in practice, the brake clutch 125 YZ-known expensive.

So, the trick to replace the clutch home should be done to save on maintenance. "The alternative could be to use the clutch home or RX RX-Z-King, and then riveted with secondary teeth orsi TZM. That way, the replacement of brake clutch can wear or RX RX-Z-King, "trick Daniel.

Balancer Weight
Latest innovation breakthrough that time, Yamaha claimed a larger engine capacity 2 stroke, vibration generated is also increasing. In addition, the large torque required to launch a high speed when the engine power, which tends to decrease torque value.

In use, Balancer weight often experience irregularities bearingnya sector in a fair method. For, bearing on its weight Balancer pounded kept by a single gear drive shaft with the primary teeth, as the driver.

Besides a higher position than calter bottom, making it even more minimal terlumasi engine oil. "If until the hissing sound or mbenging arise when the 5000 rpm, check the bearing balancernya," pointed Kancil.

Final gear
Embrace comparisons 16-49 428 chain type, the problem with the contour of gear behind other conventional motors. For a larger hole in its center, here used to adjust the space side of the swing arm.

So in replacement overdrive overdrive behind the back can mengkanibal RG-R or RX-Z approached 49. Then the mall with a hole in the middle seat orsi TZM rear gear, including bolts of his hole. MODIF making rear gear, the better course in order to ensure balance lathe workshop yielded zero.

Double reed valve
One drawback second machine did not, because the experience of dependence with reed valve or membrane. As the operating opening and closing when the entry of fresh gas into the hole and rinse the cylinder, in accordance with the principle of vacuum.

Specification deviation occurs frequently causes membrane leaves no precision or mullet, considering the article is made of Teflon processed. Negative impact when it leaves the membrane was not precise, during deceleration gasingan mbandang impressed machine. Engine Brake so low to get.

"For menyiasatinya must be replaced types of competition, types of V-Force III dimensions have in common. Also embraces a double reed valve, "Deny suggestions.

Typical over-square engine adheres, 59 mm piston diameter and stroke 54 mm. Here there is no term measures oversized piston and piston size TZM cuman side adheres AB. Tolerance limit of 0.035 mentioned standard. Why his clearance piston-cylinder big enough? TZM apply for a cylinder type electrofusio n, where it has a cylindrical surface pore in the micrometer scale.

Expansion points generated are almost comparable between the piston with its cylinder. But the case of worn piston could also be avoided, even if it could dikanibal RX-King of the piston over-size 100 (59 mm) metal piston profile feared RX-King is different from TZM.

From this consideration, ideally cylinder liner wear conventional pretentious system. Ported continued with the addition of seven holes and two extra rinse port and a main port (exhaust). "Here the thickness of liner also has a limit. Because if it's too thick, the profile of the steel liner would be difficult stabilized temperature by the radiator, "explained Kancil.

Low compression ratio 6.0: first. Thick with the smell of which are prioritized and TZM durability, briefly if viewed from the comparative figures lelet compression yeah. But try to trace gear ratio, istimencos. Dental 1 (34-12), 2 (29-16), 3 (26-19), 4 (24-21), 5 (23-23), 6 (21-24).

So the concept of the engine, the compression ratio low alloy gear ratios sighed lightly, this NIH guidelines that must be made tuenr tuner drag and road race. Teeth 4 and 5 thick with speed, was used as the successor tooth 6 cuman.

"If seen from the graph of energy acquisition at top speed then the determining factor of the fresh gas supply of the Mikuni VM30 SS. Age 16 years was also not easy for TZM and karbu like experienced replacement. More sip if the skepticism was replaced with Mikuni 30 mm oval sizes too, "Daniel has ever mengaplikasinya details.

For the lattice-lattice should digurah with wire, to remove scale and mucus. Continue rinsing with hot water. Therefore, this section certainly more ngendon crust. After ensuring a good radiator grill lines, continue to check the thermostat function.

In accordance with the specifications, TZM thermostat valve will open when in 65 degrees, to the needs of the radiator water circulation. In accordance with the physical and mechanical thermostat, this part is common deviations in the gasket starting to crack. Causing leakage of water circulation.

Special gaskets must be made alone, because the type gasketnya wearing leather and there's no market. For ingredients, can samperin car garage. "This type is usually used as gasketnya sheet pan gasket calter car engine," explained Kancil.