Shogun Axelo the gear lever is moved into first gear, gear position indicator on the instrument panel lights come on position "1". In first gear, the pull of motorcycles with 125 cc engine feels quite solid in spite of the ride weighs 110 kg. As heralded at launch, Shogun Axelo more aggressive on initial attraction. Another impression, when asked to maneuver, was easy and fairly steady.

Activity testing continues on the next day, ie the streets in the city alias city touring, and then cross the Bridge. During a trip in the city, Axelo feel comfort. The ability to maneuver quite steady invited!

No less exciting time of entry into the Bridge, the group allowed to pass in the path of a car, happened at that time relatively deserted. Participants simply push out tests to measure their ability to reach top speed.

At Shogun Axelo used, his speedometer showed the 120 km / h at Bridge decreased, whereas in the straight is only 100 km / hour.