Yamaha Xeon only the comfort of rear shock absorbers or sokbreker which feels less solid. Bantingannya a bit hard! Conditions that are felt when sliding on the uneven road surface. In contrast, control so steady. Xeon seems to be set to the sporty character: comfort sacrificed for the sake of agility.

Turing proximity Xeon reporters in Bali makes difficult to calculate fuel consumption. During use, no recharging. Claims factories, gasoline consumption of 38 km per liter has not been proven.

However, just by sipping a premium for their daily activities do not does not matter for the Xeon machine. Yamaha said that, of course better to use gasoline with a higher octane rating or above 90 (or Pertamax Pertamax Plus).

"We've proved thousands of kilometers. Use a premium there is no problem despite the high engine compression ratio," said President Director of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia Dyonisius Beti in Nusa Dua, last weekend.

"Blind Spot"
One of the obstacles while riding a Xeon is a rearview mirror that is too round and small. Visibility is less effective although its position is inverted. The situation and conditions on the side or back of the rider almost invisible. Range blind corner (blind spot) is created, including large.

Young people
The main target is the young man's Xeon. Aspects of it are shown with an aggressive and dynamic appearance. Price unit from Yamaha is Rp 15.5 million (on the road in Jakarta). For men who prioritize performance, solid control, and likes to maneuver, Xeon become the main alternative in its segment.